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At Kiddie Casts we can replicate your little one’s hands and feet in a life-like cast so you can treasure forever their unique and tiny detail. From Framed Hand and Feet Sculptures to Birth Collages, Crystal Casting and Bronzing to Religious and Family Frames - we have a variety of products and packages for you to see.

Welcome to Kiddie Casts

They grow so fast!  Kiddie Casts allows you to capture those special early days forever, with a wonderful keepsake of those adorable little fingers and toes.


Choose from a lovely range of handcrafted keepsakes from our product range which are unique and beautiful, as well as being lovely additions to your home. Kiddie Casts is the only company that uses MDF (wood) boxes and backings. We pride ourseves on quality and we exclusively offer Crystal Casting.


Our years of experience enable us to create not only the most beautiful and detailed castings of little hands and feet, but also means we are able to advise you on framing options, colour combinations, 10 paint colour choices, ribbon accessories and a hundred other accessories and products that make Kiddie Casts service so special.







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Kiddie Casts is all about convenience and providing lasting memories to treasure forever. We offer a range of services to suit your needs.

The foot and hand casts can be done in your own home or even in hospital for a call out fee or you can come to our new modern and cozy showroom. We also provide Bereavement/Loss services. We can visit your home, nursing home or the hospital.

Additonal ribbon accessory options are available for all famed or freestanding packages also. 

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Take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect gift. With so many lovely keepsakes and services available, how do you choose which one to give?  Our vouchers start from $50 and are so beautifucally presented. Or, if you prefer, you can give one of our Casting  voucher packages.