You can choose to have your child’s frame with or without a picture, maybe with a picture and a Birth Certificate or whichever style or combination you prefer, the only limit is your imagination. We are also able to recommend a professional photographer that specialises in baby photography and may have an exclusive offer for Kiddie Casts customers. We may also have a joint Photography and Casting Package. Simply call or email us for more information.


We note that the price of the frame does include the mounting of the photograph in the frame, however the actual photograph is supplied by the customer.






Sunrise Range


The sunrise range incorporates the actual sunrise on the day your little one was born. Sunrise images are taken daily. Again the limits are endless and you can add the sunrise photo to any combination that you desire.

Framed Hand and Feet Sculpturing Range



There are several options available from our Standard Range right through to our Birth Collage and Sibling Range. We are     always developing new products, please do not hesitate to ask if you have something else in mind.


Standard Range


Kiddie Casts will take a non-toxic impression of your child's hands or feet. The procedure of taking each impression will only take a few seconds to set and will cause no distress to your child. Then you can choose how you would like to showcase these memories.

Birth Certificate/Collage Range


Whether you still have your babies hospital band, or cord clamp, pregnancy test, ultra sound images or whatever you have as a memory of your child, Kiddie Casts can preserve all those for you in a unique way by creating a collage and mounting all your memorabilia in a professional and beautiful manner.

Name/Letter Cut Out Range


Why not showcase your little ones name in their lifetime

keepsake. Or have the first letter of their name be an 

eye catching feature in the creative framework. Check out our wide range!


Custom Range


Just for you! Let your imagination be the

creation! Tell us what you would like and we'll create a special and unqiue keepsake. We will be happy to assist and share in the creative design process. From any size, to an original design mat cut out, the options are endless.

Family/Sibling Range


The Family and Sibling Range at Kiddie Casts is designed for those that wish to incorporate the whole family or siblings only in the casting. Whether it be Mum, Dad and the kids, or it could even be Grandparents with their Grandchildren.