What We Do


Kiddie Casts captures time forever to create special memories of your children, family, siblings, grandparents and friends for you to keep and pass on through the generations.


Kiddie Casts takes a cast of your child's hands and feet and turns them into a personalised framed or freestanding memento for you to look back and remember how small your child once was. Through a quick and simple procedure of placing your child's hands and feet into a quick setting mould, a unique impression is created.


We also take casts of all ages to create family and sibling frames or freestanding mementos to treasure forever. Why not hold the hand of your baby and lets us create a sculptured sentimental materpiece of art. See our products page for more ideas.


Kiddie Casts offers an exclusive Crystal Casting range. We also provide a Bearevement Service.


You may like to give the gift of a precious Kiddie Cast to grandparents, friends or arrange a Gift Voucher for expecting friends.


Parties for groups of friends can also be arranged which make for a great idea for Mother's Groups, Children's Birthday Parties and Baby Showers.

Kiddie Casts is located in Sydney, New South Wales and we can travel to you!